• Why Manisha Shrotriya Made The Switch to Lineal Deodorant

    Manisha Shrotriya is the Lead Photographer and Videographer at @liveaastey
    Mumbai. Learn more about her at
  • What Makes Lineal Nanaki Asthana's Deodorant of Choice?

    Nanaki Asthana is an actress and assistant director, known for movies like NistaranManmarziyaan and The Insomniac. Read more about her foray into business and why she uses Lineal Deodorant.
  • Why Do We Sweat?

    Lineal Deodorant naturally absorbs sweat and eliminates odour.  Lineal contains Coconut Oil that naturally eliminates odour-causing bacteria under the arms to keep you smelling fresh all day long. In addition to this, Arrowroot powder helps to naturally absorb sweat without interfering with the natural sweating mechanism of the body.

  • The Science Behind Sweating: Don't Sweat It!

    Your body is a marvel of nature and the 5 Millions sweat glands on your body are a testament to that! Sweating regulates the body’s temperature, expels toxins and helps maintain proper salinity levels. Realising these apparent benefits of sweating is the first step to viewing sweating as a positive and healthy function.
  • 7 Reasons to Switch to Lineal Deodorant

    Finally a deodorant stick that works- discrete, powerful, free from chemicals and value for money! Lineal's proprietary formulation is non-greasy, non- staining and sets the benchmark in active odour protection without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • 5 Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Your Deodorant

    Your current deodorant may contain one or all of these dangerous chemicals. Read more to learn about their side effects based on the latest scientific research. Switch to Lineal to avoid these harmful chemicals in your daily deodorant routine!