What Makes Lineal Nanaki Asthana's Deodorant of Choice?

 Nanaki Asthana is an actress and assistant director who is pictured here with Lineal Deodorant, India's best natural deodorant from men and women.

The Lineal family has grown and come a long way since we started out. Our customers love us and often give us lots of positive feedback that keeps us motivated. Our one such customer is Nanaki, an actor and assistant film director. After launching her brand ‘NAN’, she recently turned entrepreneur, offering super chic bags for women.

We asked her about her experience with Lineal, and here’s what she has to say:

“I have always been very mindful about the stuff I put on my body. I’m always on a lookout for cleaner personal products that work well, including my deodorant. My past experiences with natural deodorants were generally a compromise on long-lasting odour protection. Most natural deodorants, while protecting you from toxins, fail to fight body odour effectively. This is where Lineal turned out to be a game changer for me. With Lineal I can step out even on the sultriest days of Mumbai summers without having to worry about the freshness wearing off or reapplication”.


 Lineal Deodorant is India's leading natural deodorant stick

“I am also very satisfied with Lineal on the packaging and pricing front. The classic roll up deodorant stick is very practical to use. The application is easy and non-messy and I love how I get all of this without burning a hole in my pocket. Utility and quality shouldn’t come at an insane price and that’s exactly what we believe at NAN. We make bags that not only add on to the urban woman’s style quotient, but also offer quality and durability at a very reasonable price”.

We were glad to find out that our vision for Lineal resonates with Nanaki. The quality of our deodorant meets the standards of her expectations from a deodorant.

You can check out the bags and clothes curated by Nanaki on the link below-

Nanaki Asthana is an actress and assistant director, known for Nistaran (2019), Manmarziyaan (2018) and The Insomniac (2019).